Last Updated March 18th, 2022

Privacy Policy

At the Speech and Language Store we take your privacy seriously. As parents ourselves, the safety of children online (and any everywhere else!) is extremely important to us. We do not collect personally identifiable information within our apps (for example first and last name, address etc).

Identifiers from your device are only collected for internal usage to help improve app design and performance. For example information is collected on app crashes, number of installs (sales) and app usage time. We do not track any more information than is necessary to improve the quality of our apps and services.

  • Our apps do not use or collect a user’s geographic location.
  • Our apps do not contain Social Network Integration
  • Our apps do not contain any advertising banners.
  • Our apps may contain links to our website and Facebook/Twitter pages.

These links are found on a contained, adult-targeted settings screen separate from game play screens, and are for parents/professionals to find out more about our apps. In our newer apps these links are behind a parental gate, which requires the user to follow a written instruction to gain access. We are currently in the process of updating our existing apps to include this feature also.