Speech and Language Therapy for Schools

Designed by Speech Language Pathologists and Therapists, Splingo is a suite of fun and engaging educational games to help your students develop their speech and language skills.

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Splingo for Schools

Designed by Speech and Language Therapists and Pathologists

Splingo games target all of these areas of language development through fun and interactive gameplay with an emphasis on learning.

Splingo’s Language Universe icon

Splingo’s Language Universe

A fun and engaging game to develop children’s listening and language skills. Customizable from simple to complex language to meet the learning needs of your students.
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Teach personal pronoun words such as ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘them’ and ‘us’ with this fun and engaging game. Select the pronouns you want your students to work on.
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A fun and motivating game to teach the key cognitive linguistic skill of categorization. Simple but effective gameplay helping children learn to ‘sort’ into categories.
Actions icon


Engaging animations and games with over 60 action words for your students to engage with. Fully customizable to the individual needs of your students.
Early Words icon

Early Words

Using simpler language structures and early vocabulary, this game is designed for younger students and those with more significant development needs.
Past Tense icon

Past Tense

Targeting over 60 verbs with regular and irregular past tense endings. Using bright and engaging images, teaching has never been more motivating!
Describing Words icon

Describing Words

Customizable menu to reinforce over 100 different adjectives of different complexity, including high quality images and engaging race car reward game.
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Designed to be used by SLPs / SLTs, Educators and other professionals trained in child development / teaching to assess a child’s ability to understand language.

Splingo for Therapists

Splingo apps have been designed by Speech Language Pathologists / Therapists so you can feel confident that you have engaging and targeted apps that your clients will love.

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Splingo for Parents

Individual Splingo Apps are available for Parents to purchase, depending on the needs of your child. Install Splingo and then select the app that is most suited to your child.

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About Us

As Speech and Language Therapists / Pathologists with over 40 years experience we know what it takes to support children's speech and language development. We've designed Splingo to be fun and educational by using bright, colorful images and animations.

Splingo games can be customized to target specific language skill areas so you can be certain that your students are playing the right games at the right level. We've added high-quality, in-built reward games to motivate children to keep on learning. Splingo games also have an option to choose between US voice and UK voice.

Children love playing Splingo and parents, professionals and teachers tell us it's an app that children ask for over and over again - they're having fun whilst they're learning!

Used for over a decade by Speech and Language Therapists all over the world, Splingo is the go-to app for developing children's language skills.

**Frequently listed as a Top 10 Speech and Language App (Speech Sisters; District Speech; Therapy Tree; The Sped Guru; TechBooky)**